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is this a romance visual novel? how much romance it has?

It is indeed a romance and adventure novel, with a somewhat even split between the two. Romance is not the only focus. 

There is a total of 5 characters you can reach a romance ending with.

i tried the demo. However, the self-voicing dosen't seem to work in menus like main menu.

Hello! Thank you for letting me know. This should now be fixed in all versions.

Does this run on current MacOS?  The Steam page says it doesn't, but I can't see how recently it was updated.


Hello! I haven't been able to test in on current MacOS myself, so I've put it that way just in case and can't say for sure. I'd say try the demo first, and see if it will run!


I just see an update is in progress and you are working on another game, that's nice :-)

Blue Rose is a really Nice VN that I recommend ! 


I played Erin's route and got what I would assume is the good ending, but it felt rather lacking in the romance department. Erin's feelings for Lena are very briefly mentioned, but it never amounts to anything more than strong subtext in the end.

Well, maybe that's what all the routes are like, I wouldn't know, I'm only here for the girl/girl stuff. The story was good otherwise, characters are well-written and I was engaged with the plot all the way through. Art is a little rough in places, but it's fine, does the job well enough.


Hello! I am late to responding, but thank you very much for playing and commenting on Blue Rose!

I will readily admit that Erin has the weakest ending in the game, something I regularly regret when looking back at it, and hope to make up for in the near future - poor Erin deserved better.


I really liked the worldbuilding here! It felt realistic and deep without much exposition at all. Great work on the setting and characters!


Beautiful character models and backdrops; I really liked the many gallery art pieces too.  I was able to find 9/10 of the endings fairly easily (the last one with Erin still evades me so far).  I especially liked Aran and Tobias, although Aran's endings are bittersweet.

If this is still taking version updates, I caught a typo early on: "it's fur" instead of "its fur."

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This game has 5 routes, 4 guys and 1 girl. You would think any girl who likes girls could play it for the girl route without bothering with any guys, or maybe go for friend endings with the guys? No, you can't. I never showed the slightest romantic interest in a guy yet was forced to sit through scenes where my character would blush around guys or worse. Not recommeded if you only want the girls route. can't comment on the male routes.