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In Burrow Tales the players take the roles of brave adventurer bunnies and Burrowardens, going underground into the vast networks below their kingdom. Make your bunny and go deeper, keeping your people safe from the dangers unearthed below...

It is a rules-light TTRPG for one Storyteller and one or more players, based on Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons. With just 2d6, 3 stats and swift rules for combat and exploration, you're good to go!

With Burrow Tales you get:

  • Basic rules for running the game as storyteller and players
  • A small intro adventure that can be played in a couple of hours!

Life in the deep tunnels is dangerous, and the life of a bunny is cheap. Combat moves fast, so be careful! Or another soul may soon have to replace yours…


Buy Now$5.95 USD or more

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BurrowTales Pages.pdf 3 MB
BurrowTales Spreads.pdf 3 MB
BurrowTales Character Sheet.pdf 186 kB

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